How we work

We will be guiding you step by step through the entire procedure. The below is the process that we follow.

Delivery and pattern upload --> Advance payment --> Uploading fabrics available in the shop and confirmation --> Pattern confirmation --> Measurement upload --> Measurement confirmation --> Image of the final product --> Full payment --> Delivery

All you have to do is fill in the boxes with the required information as mentioned below. Each page has a chatbox through which you can communicate to us during every step of the process.

1. Delivery and pattern upload:

The first step is to provide your delivery address (if home delivery is required) and to upload the pictures of the pattern of the dress that you desire. You can upload multiple images by clicking on the plus button in the page. These images can either be your own sketches of the dress that you have in mind or pictures of some other dresses whose specific features (e.g. neck, sleeve, etc.) you want in your dress. You can enter the remarks of each picture i.e. which part of the dress in the picture that you need for your dress, colour etc. in the space given besides the upload button. In the chatbox provided in the page, you can enter the expected price range of your dress.

2. Advance payment

Once you have uploaded the pattern and after it has been confirmed by us, you will be directed to the payment page where you will have to make a minimum payment depending on the total cost of the dress. After receiving the payment we will be fixing an appointment with you for picking out the fabric from a shop.

3. Uploading fabrics available in the shop and confirmation

At the time fixed in the appointment, we will be going to the shop and sending you images of the fabrics that are available there, so that you can choose the fabric that you want. This will be a live event and hence it is important that you are available at the time fixed in the appointment. Customers who are from places where the time zones don't match can choose the fabric at a time convenient to them (preferably within a day).Only after you have selected the fabric will we be purchasing it.

4. Pattern confirmation

After we have purchased the fabrics, depending on the fabric and the price range, we will be sending you a sketch of the final pattern, which will need to be confirmed by you. Premium customers will get to see a miniature of their dress draped on a mannequin. You can suggest alterations if required by entering your suggestions in the chatbox provided in the page.

5. Measurement upload

The next step is to upload your measurements. This is an exciting task as you get to learn how to take your own measurements. We will be providing a tutorial on how to take the measurement of each part. Just click on the symbol of the eye next to each measurement box to learn how to measure that part. Dont worry about making mistakes as our years of experience in stitching will help us to catch and correct them.

6. Measurement confirmation

Once we have received your measurements, we might make some adjustments if necessary and display the new measurements for your confirmation.

7. Image of the final product

At last your dress is ready and we will be sending you pictures of the finished dress. Slight alterations can be suggested, which will be taken care of by us.

8. Full payment

You can now make the remaining payment in the payment page to which you will be directed. If delivery is required, you will have to pay the additional delivery charges too.

9. Delivery (optional)

For the customers who have chosen the delivery option, we will be notifying you about the delivery details once we have dispatched the product.